Breaking: Dozens of Republicans Storm Schiff's Closed Impeachment Proceeding

Screenshot from this video
Screenshot from this video


Republicans are fighting back against the ridiculous Schiff Star Chamber “impeachment hearings.”

Democrats led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) have been holding hearings and questioning witnesses in private and then leaking out what they think is helpful to their narrative, while holding back that which is helpful to the president. They’ve prevented the public and Republicans from knowing everything that’s going on and haven’t even afforded witnesses such as those from the State Department the right to bring in State Department lawyers to determine if there is any inappropriate (classified) material being discussed, according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


This, despite having taken no formal vote by the House to even hold an impeachment inquiry or even stating what the alleged offense is that the president is supposed to have committed that would qualify for impeachment.

Prior impeachment incidents had a formal vote of the whole House to open an inquiry because the power of impeachment rests in the House, according to the Constitution, not just by declaration of the House Speaker.

In the case of Bill Clinton’s impeachment, you not only had a formal vote for an inquiry, you also had a formal finding from Ken Starr, the independent counsel, that Clinton had committed a felony. Now you have nothing.

More troubling are reports such as Schiff seemingly trying to influence a witness in a secret meeting to testify in accordance with the Schiff’s narrative. That should disturb all Americans.

Today, Republicans showed, finally, that they’d had enough.

About thirty Republicans members of Congress stormed the closed door questioning of defense department official Laura Cooper.

They blasted the man behind it all, Rep. Adam Schiff, and the lack of transparency of the proceedings.

First, they held a press conference outside.


Then, several tried to storm the SCIF where the questioning was going on.

Some did get in and managed to delay the proceeding. Some complained that despite the fact that they are on relevant committees, they have been denied access to information.


Here’s the full video:

Good for them, they’re fighting back. Now the Senate needs to support them and say they wouldn’t go along with the sham. If they’re not going to follow the Constitution and due process, the Senate should refuse to even entertain anything that comes from the House.


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