Trump and Susan Rice Battle Over Syria, She Gets Busted by the Facts

President Donald Trump and former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice have been trading barbs over the last couple of days after Rice went on “Real Time” with Bill Maher and bashed Trump’s actions in Syria.


According to the Washington Examiner, on the show, Rice said that Trump’s actions in Syria and Iraq were “going nowhere good” and that “ISIS is going to come back.”

Trump responded, reminding her what a disaster the Obama administration was in Syria.

“Remember RED LINE IN THE SAND? That was Obama. Millions killed! No thanks Susan, you were a disaster,” he tweeted.

A lot of people have weighed in on Trump’s actions in Syria and Iraq. But one group who has absolutely no standing to speak is the former officials of the Obama administration.

The Obama administration failed to stand up to Vladimir Putin or deal with the chemical weapons attacks from the Syrian regime despite drawing multiple “red lines” in the sand, embarrassing the nation, and letting thousands more be killed. Even after making a “deal” made with the Russians, chemical attacks continued. The Obama administration’s withdrawal from Iraq left a huge hole and his failure to act in 2014 when ISIS was beginning to rise then led to the deaths of thousands more, including Americans.


Democrats like Susan Rice are more upset about the last few days than the hundreds of thousands killed during the Obama administration. Susan Rice even promoted a fake propaganda video out of Syria with a woman waving a baby she claimed was dead (but who was blinking and clearly alive).

Rice shot back at Trump with another tweet.

Rice was pushing her book about the attacks in Benghazi when she was on Maher’s show.

Trump was likely being kind to her in a social setting with that tweet, assuming that was what he said.

But Benghazi is the last thing that she has any right to talk about after going on all the Sunday shows and blaming it on a internet video rather than calling it the Al Qaeda attack they knew it was. She was part of the Obama administration that failed Americans who died and were wounded in Benghazi on multiple levels. First, failing to provide proper security, despite specific threats and a prior attack by Al Qaeda on the mission a few months before. Then the failure to provide forces early enough to respond during the attack. Then lying about it later, both to the American public and to the families themselves.


Rice is also a factor in the Trump surveillance scandal that has not been settled yet. She was caught unmasking Trump aides and then lying about it, again on television. Remember that scandal from the administration that claims it had no scandals?

Trump was unfortunately left with the mess made by the Obama administration. They’re the last people who should be speaking after their huge failure there.


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