If You Didn't Already Love In-N-Out Burger, Check How They Responded When the Climate Change Gang Showed Up

(AP Photo/Adam Lau)

We’ve been bringing you some of the crazy of the climate change gang, courtesy of Extinction Rebellion.

The group is an international group and we’ve brought you some of their wackiness overseas here and here.


But lest we feel left out, it should be noted that they’ve also been bothering people over here in the United States as well.

In San Francisco, they linked hands and blocked traffic on both sides of the intersection at Gates Avenue near the University of San Francisco. Ironically, their actions were causing more carbon emissions while antagonizing commuters.

A gentleman in scrubs did not take kindly to them preventing him from getting to work. He let them know by ripping their banner out of their hands and tossing it over a fence.

But now In-N-Out Burger has their own entry of having to deal with the climate crazy gang.

As you may know, the owner and heiress of the burger chain, Lynsi Snyder, isn’t shy about saying that her business is influenced by her Christian beliefs, even putting bible verses like John 3:16 on the bottom of the cups.

But they’re also know for their tasty burgers and great service, with a big focus on customer satisfaction.

That’s why they’ve become pretty darn successful, with revenue that should surpass $1 billion this year, according to my colleague Mike Ford. Plus they had an early policy of not opening stores unless they were able to do so debt-free, an idea they still try to get close to, a pretty phenomenal approach. How many businesses can say that?


But that didn’t prevent folks, allegedly from Extinction Rebellion, from targeting their restaurant on the Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach, California.

Why protesters were targeting the restaurant is not entirely clear, although climate change folks have made meat one of their targets.

But the employees with that great customer service ethic were having none of that.

And they ushered the protesters out, even picking one up and bodily carrying him outside. Very politely.

That man was none too pleased as he screamed at the employees through a bullhorn.

When the police showed up, that’s when it really didn’t go well for the protesters.

The police were not receptive to their claims and they arrested at least one woman, as the male protesters screamed at them too. The men argued that their female companion was the one who had been assaulted, then accused the police of illegally arresting her and “cruel and unusual punishment.”


Thinking that’s the last time the group will try that at an In-N-Out Burger.

And people loved it.


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