Bill Maher Offers Trump a Bribe to Resign

Paging the feds.

Sure sounds like liberal television host Bill Maher just offered President Donald Trump a bribe to resign.

Maher offered Trump $1 million during his Friday night show, according to The Hill. And maybe a lot more.


“Just take my check for $1 million,” Maher, a long-standing Trump critic, said on HBO’s “Real Time.”

“I bet I could get another 1,000 people just from here to the beach — including Malibu, of course — who would pay that much to see you resign,” Maher added.

Maher concluded, “Mr. President, it is really very simple. You love money. We hate you.”

He has called on other Hollywood folks, including Oprah, Cher, Madonna, [Lady] Gaga, Bono, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Pink, Rihanna, Usher, Pharrell, Eminem, saying they use their wealth for all kinds of other things and that this a worthier cause than what they normally were spending it on. He referred to it as the “prickstarter” campaign and asked Hollywood stars to kick in a million each to fund the effort. How droll, Hollywood crowd-sourced bribery.

He insisted he was not kidding, that he was serious. ‘My God, Bill, are you suggesting we pay this man to go away? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting. In fact, I’m insisting,” Maher persisted. It is, of course, illegal to bribe a public official by offering them anything of value to take any actions in their office.


According to the Washington Times, Trump mocked the offer. “I thought this wacko was kidding,” Trump said. “He’s serious. He really believes it.”

How condescending that Maher thinks he and his liberal buddies can buy off the vote of the people because they’re not happy with it? It’s not just about Trump. It’s about them thinking that they know better than the American people who should or should not be in office. We have an election next year. You don’t like him, spend the money to rally the vote to defeat him. But the fact that you think you can’t or that you need to bribe him out now says far more about the bankruptcy of your thought than it does about Trump.

Maher has also been in favor of impeachment but has disparaged it because he knows it wouldn’t be successful ultimately and that it would “paralyze” the country. But what does he think the constant Trump bashing of the Democrats and the media has done, even without impeachment? How much division does he intend to stoke? They make it all about Trump all the time, even as they say they want him gone. Maher even called for a recession to harm America if it would help get Trump out.


It goes without saying that the average American doesn’t have that same view as the coastal elites. What they do see is a president who has given up his salary to serve as president. They do see lower unemployment, with more jobs and more money in their pockets because of Trump being in office, and more effort being made on the issues about which they care. And that’s what’s going to tell the tale in 2020.

That may be why Democrats and Maher don’t want to leave it up to the people.



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