ESPN Goes Over the Slide: Defends LeBron James on China, It's Morey Who 'Wasn't Looking Out For Others'

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NBA star Lebron James shocked Americans with his attack on the Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey for his tweet supporting the Hong Kong protesters.


Behind the scenes, James made it even worse by arguing that the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, should punish Morey because of his remark, according to one report.

Now ESPN, which has had its own problems bending over for China, is continuing to step in it too, as the Heritage Foundation’s John Cooper points out in a series of tweets.

Here’s ESPN host Jay Williams saying there’s no real point to criticizing China since it wouldn’t change China’s behavior and Elle Duncan calling them “anti-government protesters” instead of “pro-democracy protesters.”

More? Stephen Smith says Morey should have been more considerate and “could have waited.” How long should you wait before you call out oppression?


This was perhaps the worst, panelist Kendrick Perkins saying it wasn’t Lebron James who was being selfish, but Morey because he “wasn’t looking out for others.”

Jorge Sedano argues that James may have been looking out for the safety of the players.

But as Izzy Gutierrez points out, it’s hypocritical that James wants to speak out on issues in the U.S. but doesn’t want Morey to talk about issues elsewhere. Plus he went a step further if the report is correct in demanding that Morey be punished for his speech, thus trying to chill any criticism of China.


Finally, Cooper notes Smith criticizing media for “demanding James voice be heard.”

But it was LeBron who volunteered his own opinion when asked.

ESPN wants to try to justify the indefensible. But it’s just not flying.



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