Hilarious: Here's How the Climate Change Gang Is Saving the Planet, Part II

Screenshot from this video
Screenshot from this video

We brought you some hilarious vignettes of the climate change activists’ efforts to save the planet earlier in the week and now we have some more memorable moments for you.


While we covered the climate strike in London the first time, we’re bringing you some other places as well this time around.

Here’s folks in Sydney, Australia actually burying their heads in the sand:

Really not sure what’s going on here, but it surely looks like it will transform the climate:

This looks like an intelligent thing to do. Not. Prize for the person who can explain this one:

Oct-upying police time:

Let’s get our dance on and spew more CO2!


Guest celebrity Jane Fonda. She’s been a “climate scientist” for decades, don’t you know?

She’ll be appearing in this show for four months. Then what? What happens at the end of the four months when the world is still here? Jane is out of D.C. in a flash.

Never block a guy trying to get to his burger:


So what did they achieve, after all that? That’s the part that’s not so hilarious. Hundreds of thousands of dollars expended by each of the various governments to deal with the protests, money that now can’t go to improving the environment or anything else, example, Australia:

More CO2 footprint as a result.

These two crazy guys even held up planes, and had to get taken off. Not a cult, not a cult…


Police and emergency services deployed to deal with protests can’t take care of other things, as these folks observe in their critiques against London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

But hey, just remember, it’s an emergency and they’re saving the planet.



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