Watch: Video That Shows How Unhinged The Left Has Become

Screenshot from this video
Screenshot from this video

President Donald Trump held a packed rally Thursday night in Minneapolis, Minnesota and enthusiastic supporters were out in force.

About 20,000 were in the building with more outside. People even began lining up outside two days before.


But outside there were hundreds of protesters. And despite the presence of police, Trump supporters were harassed and attacked outside the venue. The police themselves were harassed, with protesters calling them “pigs” and trying to incite them. Police had to use pepper spray on some of the protesters.

We reported on attacks on Trump supporters outside of President Donald Trump’s Minnesota rally.

Now, more video has emerged. The video shows more of just how unhinged some on the left are and the scary nature of the leftist mob violence.

They chased after one man after someone called out, “There’s a Nazi over there,” attacking him as he tries to get away, smacking him.


Here’s another view of that same encounter as the man flees the mob.

Here’s the very tolerant left surrounding a man, hitting him in the head, smacking the Trump hat off his head and then stealing his hat.

Schaffer reported there were many such encounters where Trump and MAGA hats were stolen.

How unhinged are they? Well, you have to be pretty unhinged when you assault someone in the middle of a live interview.


But this shows, right here, the difference between the right and the unhinged left. The Vice interviewer was justifiably shocked. But the Trump supporter shrugs it off, continues on with the focus of the interview as the coward flees. Two of the protesters apologize for the coward, although one equates the hat with being as hateful as the spit again, showing the lack of reality even in the person who had enough sense to apologize.

Trump folks should put this in an ad and play it on a loop: this is what we are fighting against.


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