Trump Gives a Little League Team the Thrill of a Lifetime

Screenshot from this video
Screenshot from this video

There have been a lot of championship teams who have visited the White House over the years and they’ve had the privilege of meeting the president.


But the 2019 Little League World Champions, the Eastbank All-Stars, scored a unique honor – they got to ride home on Air Force One with President Donald Trump, according to Fox.

The team, who is from Louisiana, beat Curacao in August to win the championship. They had been invited to the White House in celebration of their achievement. They also got to tour the Capitol with Rep. Steve Scalise (D-LA), the House Minority Whip.

The Eastbank team was at the White House, along with the North Carolina’s Rowan County All-Stars, the 2019 Little League Softball World Series Champions, when Trump invited the Louisiana team to fly back to their home state with him on Air Force One because he was attending a rally there in Lake Charles.

Scalise got a ride home too.


How cool is this?

Something to remember for the rest of their lives.

Something they likely will never forget.


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