Protests Outside Trump Rally Turn Violent, Trump Supporter Attacked, Police Threatened, Have to Use Pepper Spray

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President Donald Trump held a packed rally Thursday night in Minneapolis, Minnesota and enthusiastic supporters were out in force.

About 20,000 were in the building with more outside, with the line starting two days before, with Dan Nelson hoping to get a front-row seat. “My company went from stagnant to growing and from no bonus to bonus. With the tax cuts alone, my check has gone up. People are getting better raises than before,” Nelson explained.


The line was massive.

According to one supporter, it started at Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s office.

Trump touched on familiar themes, but also charged up the crowd to win Minnesota in 2020.


He also hit on Joe Biden in his speech, proposing a new t-shirt idea – Where’s Hunter? – a reference to Joe Biden’s son, the source of controversy over deals done in Ukraine and China while Biden was Vice President.

As electric as it was inside the building, outside the building it was chaotic, with protesters harassing the police, calling them “pigs” and trying to incite them. At least one officer reportedly had to use pepper spray on threatening people. They also burned MAGA hats. Multiple arrests were made.

They even attacked and chased one Trump supporter, after one person shouted, “There’s a Nazi!”


Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) was particularly disgusted by the display outside. He condemned the leftists trying to intimidate people.

From Fox News:

Civilians, he said, are “consistently being intimidated” and are being asked to “cower” to what he characterized as a “new, socialist regime.”

“This approach toward anarchy continues to run amok. We cannot afford that in the greatest democracy on Earth.”


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