Resolution Introduced in House to Expel Nancy Pelosi

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., talks to reporters during her weekly news conference, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, June 7, 2018. After several questions about President Donald Trump and his policies, Pelosi responded: The President said he was going to drain the swamp. He has become the swamp. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


House Democrats may be trying to ram through impeachment in secret with an anonymous whistleblower.

But although Republicans are outnumbered in the House, they are fighting back.

First, they filed a resolution to censure Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). The resolution has 61 co-sponsors at last count, with prominent names including the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA).

Now, they’re also fighting back against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who allowed this travesty to get so far.

Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-LA) has introduced a resolution to expel Pelosi from the House.

From Fox News:

“Nancy Pelosi’s vicious crusade against our lawfully-elected President is nothing more than a politically-motivated witch hunt and it must be stopped,” Abraham said in a statement. “She has disgraced the people’s House and weaponized the Speaker’s gavel for her party’s political gain.”

Abraham added: “House Democrats spent nearly three years obsessed with election meddling only to dwarf any such efforts with their own deceitful plan to nullify the 2016 election and prevent President Trump from winning in 2020. I have introduced a resolution calling for her to be expelled from the House and for the Speaker’s Office to be vacated.”


The White House is fighting back as well.

They refused to let the U.S. EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland testify before a House panel and they sent a stern letter back to the House, making it clear they regarded the inquiry as illegitimate and unconstitutional.

“I would love to send Ambassador Sondland, a really good man and great American, to testify, but unfortunately he would be testifying before a totally compromised kangaroo court, where Republican’s rights have been taken away, and true facts are not allowed out for the public to see,” Trump wrote on Twitter. ….

Adam Schiff of course immediately claimed the refusal constituted obstruction.

But Trump chastised Democrats calling what they were doing to the country “unthinkable.”

“It’s lucky that I’m the president,” he declared. “A lot of people said very few people could handle it. I sort of thrive on it,” Trump said Monday at the White House. “You can’t impeach a president for doing a great job. This is a scam.”



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