Dem Rep Supporting Impeachment Gets Blasted by Voters for Spreading 'Fake News' About Ukraine Call

Screenshot from this video.
Screenshot from this video.

There are 31 House districts where voters are pro-Trump and voted for him in 2016, but who also voted for Democratic candidates for the House in 2018.


People have been speculating that these Democrats will face some backlash as they go into their re-election if they support impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) is one who found out how real that backlash can be when she tried to push her rationale for impeachment at a constituent event. She said that “the issue that got to me, was that the president, the most powerful man in the world, reached out to a foreigner, to a foreign leader, and asked him to dig up dirt on an American.” But voters were not buying her recasting of the call. People in the audience immediately called that out as false, “Not true,” some shouted. “Fake news,” cried someone else.

Good on CNN’s John King for reporting on it, he’s one of the few reporters at CNN who doesn’t seem married to pushing the Democratic narrative.

The problem with her statement is that it wasn’t true, as the folks in the audience who spoke correctly noted. Trump asked the president not to “dig up dirt” on an opponent but to take a look if the investigation was legitimately shut down. Big difference. Here’s the relevant part in the call:


Sounds like Slotkin is repeating the fabricated version of events pushed by her colleague, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). But voters were having none of it, which may not bode well for her re-election.

Apparently, she has no problem with Hillary Clinton using foreign national Chris Steele to reach out for Russian info on Donald Trump or the DNC again allegedly reaching out for information to Ukrainian officials on Manafort to undermine the Trump campaign, also in 2016. U.S. Attorney John Durham is now looking into some of those questions.

CNN previously depicted Slotkin as a “badass” for daring to support impeachment, basically delivering a campaign ad for her and the other women lawmakers they were praising for going against Trump.

She also is a former CIA officer (who seem to be all over the Ukraine matter) and a former Obama administration official, as an Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs.


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