Adam Schiff Lies His Head Off To George Stephanopolous About Trump Ukraine Phone Call

At a hearing looking into the phone call that President Donald Trump had with the Ukrainian president, Rep. Adam Schiff, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, completely fabricated what was said on the call.


Today, George Stephanopoulos called Schiff out on ‘This Week’ for making up quotes about the call. But instead of apologizing for doing something completely improper, Schiff used the television appearance on ABC as another opportunity to spread more lies.

Trump, for example, didn’t ask the Ukrainian president “seven times” for anything.

Ryan Saavedra of The Daily Wire called Schiff out on his untruths.


How ridiculous that is what Democrats want to impeach Trump over.

So therefore it couldn’t have acted as pressure on Ukraine or as a quid pro quo. And it’s particularly ironic that Schiff tries to push that point when that’s exactly what Joe Biden did on video by his own admission, withhold aid in order to get Ukraine to do what he wanted.

Stephanopoulos makes a great point, if the phone call is as damning as Schiff claims, why would he need to make things up?

There’s another problem with what Schiff said. Schiff says in the first video above that when he found out about the whistleblower complaint being withheld from Congress, he went public and scheduled a meeting with the Director of National Intelligence to force the complaint to be released.


But we already know that he was aware of the complaint since at least August 12 and may have had it since then. Here’s part of the letter showing he was apprised and there was an attachment (the complaint?).

So why did he sit on it since then and then try to claim now that as soon as he found out he went public?

This whole spiel he just gave Stephanopoulos was untrue.


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