Greta Thunberg Encounters Trump, The Left Melts Down

Climate activist Greta Thunberg, center, joins a coalition of youth climate leaders and environmental groups during a climate strike outside the United Nations, Friday Aug. 30, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)


There was an unexpected encounter at the United Nations yesterday that set off some fireworks both in the halls and then on social media.

Sixteen-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg was there to deliver a fiery speech before the United Nations Climate Summit. While her speech was embraced as “powerful” by many on the left, those on the right looked at the speech and truly worried about what the climate change cult was doing to the girl.

But as she was leaving her speech, she suddenly encountered security and was shunted off to the side to make way for someone else.

It was President Donald Trump, on his way in to give a speech about religious freedom. You can see he didn’t even see her and basically stole the show with his presence.

She was not at all happy about it and gave his back a death stare.

Some characterized her as “staring down” Trump, others claimed that he was a “coward” for avoiding her despite it being clear that he didn’t even see her.


This from someone who works for Twitter:

And of course they celebrated her as a hero of the movement which is absolutely not a cult…

As Tom Elliott at Grabien notes:

As the face of this movement, many progressives have started depicting Thunberg in spiritual terms. ”Watching Greta Thunberg mobilize hundreds of thousands just through her presence and sincerity is like watching a 21st century version of how Saints or Miracle Workers used to emerge, shuffling whole kingdoms in the Middle Ages,” the British author Ben Judah wrote. He then compared her to the Catholic saint Joan of Arc: “Her purity, her visions of justice, apocalypse and the need to forgo. Moving millions, the way that mix has done so many times before … like an environmental Joan of Arc.”

New York Magazine also likened the teen activist to Joan of Arc: “She was the Joan of Arc of climate change, commanding a global army of teenage activists numbering in the millions and waging a rhetorical war against her elders through the unapologetic use of generational shame.” A reader wrote in response: “Greta is honestly a prophet.”


No, she isn’t.

She’s a 16 year old who has been thrust into the forefront of this movement preaching we are on the verge of an extinction event. And listening to the kids who were at the climate strike this past week, many of them are buying her message, that the world is about to end due to the evil, uncaring adults. And because of that they should panic, give up studying and be in immediate fear because the world will be unlivable in 18 months, three years or 12 years, depending on which measure you wish to believe.

Liberals have made her the face of the movement, demanding that we take what she says seriously, even inviting her to speak to the UN. But at the same time, they say she’s a child and so therefore cannot be criticized.

But there is no science supporting that the world will become unlivable in three years or that we are at this moment about to become extinct.

That isn’t reality. And we need to be calling out such fear-mongering against our children and point behind the scenes at the people, the adults, who are pushing this to serve their own political ends, like AOC, who are trying to grab more control of society, using climate change as the hammer to do it.

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