Winning in '10 Means Utilizing the Power of 10

Recovery Begins on Election Day 2010.

There is a rising political tide in the United States, a wave that could usher in the biggest realignment of the U.S. Congress in decades.


But in order for the American people to defeat the job killers, voters must show up at the polls on November 2nd, and they have to show up big time.

How big? In 1994 and 2006,  a swing of 10 million voters led to a change in control of Congress.  In 1994, Republicans gained nearly 9 million voters from the previous mid-term election while nearly one million Democrats stayed home, resulting in a 10 million vote swing that led to Republicans picking up 54 seats in the House and control of Congress for the first time in nearly a half century.

In 2006, a similar 10 million vote swing allowed Democrats to recapture the House and Senate.

In 2010, mobilizing ten million voters in support of candidates who support job creation policies will be more important than ever.

To do that, the key message should be that we need to elect these job creators and defeat the job killers in November.  Consider what the Obama-Pelosi-Reid machine has done in just the past two years:

  • $1 Trillion Obamacare. This government takeover of health care jeopardizes 1.6 million jobs due solely to the employer mandate, a policy that is also facing serious constitutional challenges from several states, including 70% of Missourians who voted earlier this summer to oppose the mandate.
  • $862 Billion Stimulus. The massive spending bill that President Obama promised would keep unemployment below 8% has been an undisputed failure. Instead of creating jobs, the American economy has shed over 2 million jobs since the President signed the stimulus, which did nothing but increase the deficit and pay off Big Labor.
  • $2.4 Trillion Additional Debt. Under President Obama, the national debt has increased by more than $2 trillion to a current total of $13 trillion. Under the operating plans of President Obama and the current Congress, the debt could double by 2020 to an astounding $26 trillion.
  • Moratorium on Offshore Drilling. Despite being rejected by two separate federal courts, countless engineers and drilling experts, and even admission from the administration itself that it would kill tens of thousands of jobs, the Obama White House has kept in place a moratorium on deepwater drilling that further punishes coastal communities in the Gulf of Mexico. According to President Obama’s own Department of Interior, the ban could kill 23,000 jobs.

In order to keep America the most prosperous nation on Earth, we must replace those who would mortgage America’s future through the Democrats big-spending, job-killing agenda with principled, pro-job candidates.  America only works when Americans are working.  It’s that simple.

Even though the message is clear, replacing job-killing politicians with solutions-oriented job creators will not be easy.

We’re up against a machine that is desperate – they know the country is angry and rejecting their job killing policies.  So they’re going to go all out to win.

The key question is whether we are willing to go all out too.

That’s why American Solutions is launching the Power of 10 campaign to help mobilize ten million new voters needed to elect job creators this November.


While ten million may seem like a daunting number, the Power of 10 begins with one person wanting to save their country, and doing something about it.  Simply put, the Power of 10 begins with you.

To get started, every person should visit, where he or she can make a difference in the following ways:

  • Pledge to Vote in November for job creators
  • Recruit 10 friends by email to vote for job creators
  • Make 10 phone calls to recruit voters for job creators
  • Knock on 10 doors and explain the need to vote for job creators
  • Get email addresses of 10 likely voters for job creators
  • Solicit donations of $10 to support the effort to elect job creators

We hope you will join us in working to mobilize ten million voters and send a clear message to every candidate and elected official in America: If you support jobs, we will vote for you. If you voted to kill jobs, we will vote against you.



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