Like Stalkers, Google and Facebook Save Everything About You

(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)

Facebook and Google don’t need to spy to know everything about you. All they have to do is save every scrap you send them yourselves! It’s insane.

(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)


Would you like to see how much information you’re giving to Google and to Facebook? Facebook makes it easy, as they’ll give you one ZIP file download in order to see everything about you that they know.

Google though, they don’t want you to think about it. It’s almost like they’re ashamed, sine they break it up into a long list of links you have to visit to see what they’re saving about you.

Locations. Searches. Hobbies. Exercise data. Photos. Sensitive personal files you’ve tried to delete(!). Calendar history. Links you’ve clicked. Facebook and Google try to store it all, and especially Google packages up that information to sell to advertisers.

They’re out to get you. But we’ll see if people value their privacy enough to stop using Google and Facebook, and use something else. Or do people even care that they’re voluntarily feeding this gigantic database about themselves?

They’re stalkers. Will you break up with them?


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