POLL: How Does Ted Cruz Stack Up Against All 1000 Challengers?

The Dallas Morning News foolishly endorsed one of his Republican opponents a few days ago, but does Ted Cruz have anything to worry about this year?

The eyes of Texas are upon the masses of people running for both the Republican and Democrat nominees for Senate, and so UT and the Texas Tribune polled those races.


I can’t resist: this race is on Cruz control. That’s right. I said it.

Despite having four Republican challengers, Senator Ted Cruz is up 88 points, with 91% of the Republican vote. Governor Greg Abbott is doing even better, he’s up 90 points at 95-5 over his lone competitor.

In other words, things couldn’t be going better. Despite the demonization attempts, Sen. Cruz continues to dominate.

For the Democrats, Lupe Valdez and Beto O’Rourke have very strong positions as they run to be the sacrificial lambs against Abbott and Cruz respectively.

But neither they nor any primary challengers ought to quit their day jobs.


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