New Poll: This State is a Rare Bright Spot for Republicans in 2018

Republicans are dropping like flies to retirement, and the polling is terrible, but this is one state race that’s looking to be in good shape for Republicans in 2018.


FILE – In this Sept. 14, 2016 file photo, Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu speaks at a news conference in front of the statehouse after winning his party’s nomination in Concord, N.H. Sununu got off to a rocky start with fellow Republicans this year, but the legislative session ended on a high note for him. The House gave him an early defeat by rejecting legislation targeting labor unions but worked with him to pass a budget last week. (AP Photo/Jim Cole, File)

New Hampshire was once the target of the libertarian “Free State Project” to invade and take over the state’s politics. As Jeanne Shaheen can testify, it was never quite successful, but the state has a surprising ability to buck the Democrats yet.

A new poll by the University of New Hampshire pits three Democrats against Republican Governor Chris Sununu, and for Sununu, everything’s coming up Milhouse.

The Republican is up double digits against every possible Democrat challenger, 14 points ahead of Steve Marchand, 12 points ahead of Mark Connolly, and 10 points over Colin Van Ostern.

The midterms look to be a bloodbath, and a swing state like New Hampshire should be terrible. But Chris Sununu seems set to weather the storm.


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