VIDEO: Watch NBC's Lester Holt Try Out to be North Korea's Baghdad Bob

North Koreans are happy and prosperous. They treat Americans with respect, and people are skiing, not starving! Well, that’s the line Lester Holt sold on NBC today.


Remember when Baghdad Bob, Saddam Hussein’s propaganda minister, would get in front of the camera and tell the world things that nobody believed? “There are no American infidels in Baghdad! Never!”

Well, I’m getting flashbacks from NBC today. This video is absolutely damning:

Does anyone believe this? And yet, Lester Holt is doing it anyway. How dumb can you be, to sell out any shred of journalistic integrity you have, in order to get access for one video series?

He is knowingly, and willingly, making himself into a propaganda tool to rehabilitate Kim Jong Un, so that Donald Trump can be portrayed as the real villain.

The next time NBC reports on anything, we need to remember that they are capable of this garbage. This is North Korean influence on American media, and should be treated as suspiciously as the Russian influences on American media.


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