BREAKING: Supreme Court Holds Democrat Lawsuit in North Carolina

The Supreme Court in Washington is seen at sunset, Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Democrats have been in court for years trying to overturn the North Carolina Congressional map. The Supreme Court overwhelmingly put that on hold today.

North Carolina Democrats argue that the gerrymander in that state is illegal because it benefits Republicans too much.


The 2011 elections in North Carolina produced a 7-6 advantage for Democrats in the House of Representatives. After the Republicans concluded redistricting, the 2012 election turned that into a 9-4 advantage for Republicans, which became a 10-3 after David Rouzer won the 8th district in 2014.

Unfair, Democrats say. So they sued. The state supreme court ended that effort last year [Edit: two years ago!], and now the federal suit is going to the Supreme Court after a federal court ruled in favor of the Democrats.

Today, the Supreme Court by a 7-2 vote put a stay on that decision, presumably so that the Supreme Court can rule on a similar Wisconsin case and settle all family business, so to speak.

The 2018 elections in North Carolina will be held with the current map.


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