Here's Why the US Embassy to Israel Belongs in Jerusalem

Old city of Jerusalem - Israël (Emmanuel DYAN/flickr)

The anti-Semites call it ‘meddling’ for the United States to put the Embassy to Israel in Jerusalem. Here’s why that’s a lie, and our embassy belongs there.


Old city of Jerusalem – Israël (Emmanuel DYAN/flickr)

The Knesset, Israel’s legislature, which elects its executive, is in Jerusalem.

The executive itself, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is in Jerusalem.

The Presidential residence is in Jerusalem.

The Supreme Court of Israel is in Jerusalem.

The Central Bank of Israel, governing the New Shekel, is in Jerusalem.

Anything in the Israeli government that the US Government might wish to interact with diplomatically, exists in Jerusalem.

Therefore, the only rational place to put the US Embassy is in Jerusalem. Any other decision is driven by pure anti-Semitism.


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