Can This New Virginia Poll Possibly Be True?

Next month Virginia votes to choose a new Governor. A new poll has come out that’s so different, if it’s true it’s an earthquake.

FILE – In this Tuesday, March 21, 2017 photo, Republican gubernatorial candidate, Ed Gillespie, gestures during a kitchen table discussion at a private home in Toano, Va. Gillespie faces fellow Republicans, State Sen. Frank Wagner, and Corey Stewart in the June 13th primary. Virginia primary voters will select candidates for the nation’s marquee race for governor, without any recommendations so far from President Donald Trump or former President Barack Obama on who to vote for. (AP Photo/Steve Helber, File)


This is about the best possible news Republican Ed Gillespie could get. Democrat Ralph Northam has been winning the polls consistently. All but two ties and one slight Gillespie lead have gone to Northam until today.

But Hampton University did their own poll and the result is wild: Gillespie 41, Northam 33, an 8 point lead for the Republican, in a race where the poll average gives a 4 point lead to the Democrat!

Amazingly to me, this same poll has Trump disapproved of 56-39, but has Gillespie sizably ahead.

But what makes this poll strange and questionable beyond even the top line result, is the huge number of allegedly undecided voters. 27% don’t have a leaning yet? I’m skeptical, but time will tell.


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