Guess What Country That White Nationalist Website Moved to?

FILE - In this Feb. 28, 2011 file photo, Andrew Auernheimer leaves the Martin Luther King, Jr. Courthouse after posting bail in Newark, N.J. Auernheimer, a notorious computer hacker and internet troll associated with The Daily Stormer, scoffs at the notion that anyone can be harmed by “mean words on the internet.” For him, anonymous trolling is a modern form of a generations-old, “distinctly American” political tactic. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez. File)

The Daily Stormer, a white nationalist website famous for publishing Andrew ‘weev’ Auernheimer, got shut down in America. Guess where they moved to?


While is likely the leading White Nationalist site, the Daily Stormer is no small one, either. Auernheimer, who was convicted of hacking various websites, got out of prison and announced himself to be a white nationalist, doing so at the Daily Stormer website. Auernheimer eventually moved to Ukraine to escape consequences for his actions in America.

The Daily Stormer however has gotten hit hard in the last few days. After running a series of attacks on the woman killed by Nazi terrorism in Charlottesville, their actions were reported to their Internet service providers.

In America you have freedom of speech. Or at least, you should. Businesses shouldn’t have to host domains or bake cakes they disagree with. GoDaddy was hosting the domain registration for the, and after being tipped off, informed the site they had 24 hours to transfer off of their services. Daily Stormer tried moving to Google, but Google denied them as well.

Both sites, GoDaddy and Google, exercised their freedom of speech by banning Nazi propaganda as part of the terms and conditions of using their services. Daily Stormer broke the contracts and got kicked off of both. Great news.


Even worse for the Nazis, their web hosting was provided by Zoho, which also has Terms of Service which banned that ideology. So Daily Stormer was left with no domain registration and no web hosting. Without either of those, you can’t have a website.

So that’s where Russia comes in. The site has now moved to a new domain:, under the Russian top level domain. We don’t know precisely where their hosting is, as they are running through the caching service Cloudflare (I checked, Cloudflare’s terms of use do not restrict ideologies).

I like to tell the white nationalist Russia lovers to ‘Go Back To Russia.’ Looks like the Daily Stormer took my advice!


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