New Kid Rock Poll: A Joke or a Potential Winner?

There’s nothing like the hype surrounding an unconventional candidate. Early polls before that candidate even entered are the most fun. Let’s check the latest!


Trafalgar Group, a firm known to work for Republicans, conducted a poll to check on the chances of winning for Robert Ritchie, aka Kid Rock. Both the primary and general election matchups were checked.

Taken at face value, the poll should be very encouraging to Ritchie. He wins the projected four-way primary matchup handily with 50% of the vote over Lena Epstein, John James, and Bob Young Jr. He then squeaks by in the general 49-46 over incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow.

It’s early, and Trafalgar likely skews toward the Republicans, especially in a joke poll designed to give them attention. But there it is. Superficially, before finding out what he looks like as a candidate, Republicans in Michigan are ready to support him!


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