If GIFS Were Editorials, This Masterpiece Would Get a Pulitzer. I Died From Laughing ... and Crying

This image could probably speak for itself, but we’re a blog so I’m going to add my two cents. Aside from the amazing quality of the image, and the instantly hilarious appeal, it’s actually a pretty perfect summation of the White House “Mooch” saga to date.

Just look at this work of art, which is posted here, also posted on Imgur and Reddit and eventually went viral on Twitter with Caleb Howe’s tweet. (Hey CNN, that doesn’t mean you have to blackmail imgur.)

It’s somewhat vulgar, but way less so than Scaramucci’s actual behavior so, you know, get used to it.

It’s just … well it’s perfect.

UPDATE: And it looks like Mooch is already FIRED!!! So we’ll never get a follow-up gif. C’est la vie.

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