Sweden Suspends Assange Rape Investigation - What's next?

Russian-backed spymaster Julian Assange has been hiding out from a credible Swedish rape investigation. However Sweden has run out of leads and stopped investigating. So what’s in his future in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London?


It turns out the Wikileaks founder going to stay in hiding. He’s still wanted by the UK for a failure to appear at the Westminster Magistrate’s Court, dating back to when the UK was ready to extradite him to Sweden. He claimed he refused to appear because it was a vast conspiracy to send him to the United States.

And given his predisposition to conspiracy theory, I don’t see him giving himself up to UK authorities. The UK is far more likely than Sweden to hand him over to Washington. Theresa May is a much friendlier leader to the US government and leadership than is socialist Stefan Löfven.

Having orchestrated the Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, and the most recent CIA spy efforts, Assange does have reason to fear the United States. But the rape charge in Sweden was always real. In fact the definition of rape in Sweden is one that feminists worldwide have been pushing for, and the current Socialist administration was ready to prosecute him for.

Assange lives by the far left, and he should hang by the far left. And then stand trial for espionage in the United States.


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