Ugh: Industry Cronies BUSTED Giving Out Free Advertising to Congressmen the Week of Tough AHCA vote

On Friday, RedState detailed how a big industry lobby in Washington, DC, effectively trades free advertising for sitting Members of Congress for support of one of its pet pieces of legislation.


Now, a RedState reader has tipped us off to the fact that in the same week that Republican Members of Congress were taking very tough and possibly career-ending votes on the supposed Obamacare-repeal bill, that same lobby was literally recording these de facto positive ads for House members in House office buildings on Capitol Hill.

Here’s a picture of a sign advertising the ad-cutting sessions from our loyal reader, who also advises the Content Creators Coalition (a pro-intellectual property rights organization):



It’s not clear which congressmen took NAB up on its free advertising scheme last week.

But it will be interesting to see what PSAs pop up and which Members recorded them and signed onto NAB’s pet legislation, which is opposed by a slew of conservative organizations. As we previously noted, in the past, there has been a lot of overlap between the list of congressmen who took advantage of this free advertising scheme and the list of congressmen who just so happen to have endorsed legislation NAB pushes.


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