Putin Signs New Law to Cover for Islamist Abuses

Donald Trump and his alt-right allies like to portray Vladimir Putin as a strong leader protecting his country from outside threats.

So why did Putin just sign a law covering for Islamist abuses in his own country?

Putin just decriminalized domestic abuse below a certain threshold. Putin’s party is going to make it very easy for Islamist men to abuse wives and daughters, a common problem in the Islamic cultures. Says CNN:

A member of the Russian Duma Vitaly Milonov, who supported the law, told CNN: “I don’t think that we should violate the rights of family and sometimes a man and a woman, wife and husband, have a conflict.”

The Koran orders wife beating, and you often see on television in Islamic nations instructions on just what weapons to beat your wife with. Now the Russians are refusing to stop it.


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