It's time Israel got equal treatment regarding Jerusalem

Both the United Nations and the Barack Obama administration this week have singled out Israel for abuse. This isn’t the first time either.

I think we know why this is, too.


Israel, as the world’s only dedicated refuge for Jews seeking to flee oppression and bias, is given a lot of special treatment by the UN and others. Unfortunately that treatment is negative.

Israeli Jews are being ordered by the UN to confine themselves to specified ghettoes drawn up by League of Nations colonial powers. And oddly enough, the left-wing movements that usually favor open borders (especially with respect to Mexicans and Islamists) suddenly think that Jews must be strictly confined within selected portions of Israel.

The drive to keep certain regions Judenrein has been seen before in anti-Semitic movements, most notably of course the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party. According to Wikipedia, there are no Jews in the “state of Palestine”, and the UN has voted that Jews should remain outside of those regions forever. No comparable restrictions are demanded of the Islamists of the Palestine Authority.

Israel is also demanded not to have Jersualem be its capital, even though half of that city is without a doubt Israeli, and half of which was won by Israel in the Six Day War. Even the United States has so far refused to put its embassy there. Meanwhile many countries put their embassies and missions to the “State of Palestine” or the PLO there, including Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the United States(!).


Israel is singled out because it is Jewish, and the UN Security Council vote this week reinforced that truth. The US in 2017 must take steps to combat that, starting with moving the embassy to Jerusalem, which is where the President, National Bank, Supreme Court, Prime Minister, and Knesset are all housed.

The Congress passed a law years ago to require that, but Presidents since have refused to carry out the law. We’ll see if Donald Trump defies the “alt right” and the left to do it.


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