Breaking: UK House of Commons votes for Brexit!

Supporters of the European Union wanted to stall the “Brexit” plan to have the United Kingdom quit, by suing to insist that Parliament must vote. You see, the leftists wanted to overturn the will of the people in what David Cameron called a binding referendum.

Well whoops: Brexit just passed the House of Commons. Big time.

Brexit passed the House of Commons today, in a resolution supporting the Government’s plans, supporting that the timetable for triggering the Lisbon Treaty’s Article 50 – the secession article – by a 461-89 vote. That’s a huge margin, and leaves no doubt that leaving the EU is the will of the people and of the House.

However they’re mindful that Prime Minister Theresa May had better make a good deal too, because the Labour Party’s resolution that “Parliament’s responsibility to properly scrutinise the government” passed 448-75.

Congratulations to the UK on voting for sovereignty.

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