Your RedState Electoral College Update for October 17: ZERO Good News for Trump

There are only 22 days left until Election Day!

The good news for Donald Trump is things haven’t gotten much worse over the last week. The bad news is things didn’t get better, and he needs things to get better fast.


Incredibly enough, Trump hasn’t actually lost any states in the poll averages from one week ago. Even though Utah is showing Evan McMullin competitive, putting yet another George W. Bush state in peril. Even though Clinton led the last Arizona poll, by Emerson College. Even though Texas and Georgia have shown close polls, with Trump only ahead by 4 and 6 points respectively.

Trump hasn’t led a North Carolina or Nevada poll in nearly a month. He’s never led a Virginia poll. He’s only won one of the last five Ohio polls. Trump only took one of the last eleven Florida polls.

So Trump is down 340-198. That’s John McCain territory.

It’s even worse if we exclude ‘toss-up’ states, Clinton still leads 256-170. That means of the battleground of Arizona (11 EVs), Florida (29), Indiana (11), Iowa (6), Maine Statewide (2), Minnesota (10), Nevada (6), New Hampshire (4), North Carolina (15), Ohio (18), Hillary Clinton only needs 14 electoral votes. Minnesota plus New Hampshire will do it, or any of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio. Trump has to sweep the battleground, and he’s showing no signs of being capable.

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