The TRUMP effect: Just how bad is it? Checking on North Carolina and Missouri

The national polling has been unfavorable to Republicans. With a few fluctuations in the degree, Donald Trump has trailed for all but a few days of this campaign.


When it was conservatives who were winning primaries, the establishment loved to talk about the dangers to the Republican brand. Let’s see how their precious brand is doing under their Cheeto Jesus.

In North Carolina, a state many conservatives care about because Governor Pat McCrory took a stand against extremist bathroom laws, Republicans are in trouble. Democrat Roy Cooper has led every poll in August, setting the state for a GOP wipeout in the state this year.

Missouri is a state where Republicans should be doing great. Ferguson’s troubles erupted under outgoing Democrat Jay Nixon, plus it’s a Presidential year in a state Republicans tend to win. And yet Republican Eric Greitens has yet to lead in a poll over Democrat Chris Koster. Greitens isn’t even a very big fan of Trump, showing reluctance to team with him, but despite pledging to back the nominee, he’s losing! It doesn’t help when the top of the ticket has turned the state into a toss-up for President.

The focus is on the Presidency and the Congress, but the Trump effect could wipe out Republicans at the state level, too. SAD!


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