Wow! Guess where donations to Donald Trump's campaign will REALLY go?

When Donald Trump first announced he was running, he said he was going to fund his own campaign. He made a big deal about it. He even borrowed talking points from Bernie Sanders and other extreme leftists, using their anti-“bankers” rhetoric.


Well now that he’s officially no longer self funding, he’s taking donations. You’ll never believe where they’re actually going to go.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, right, poses with an Elvis impersonator at a campaign rally Monday, Feb. 22, 2016, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

The money Donald Trump raises for the 2016 general election isn’t earmarked first for get out the vote drives, for data mining, or anything involved in winning the election. Nope! He’s set to pocket up to $36 million of it, and his campaign won’t even rule it out.

He’s actually never been truly self funding. This has been a set up from the beginning, judging by this from CNBC:

That is because Trump almost never directly donates funds to his campaign. He has only spent about $317,000 of his own money outright.

The rest of his personal spending is structured as a loan to the campaign, which now owes Trump $35.9 million.

Those loans comprise about 75 percent of the campaign’s total funds.

He was never funding his own campaign. And now he’s going to raise money to pay himself back. What a scam.


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