WOW: Donald Trump funded Democrat just rigged the voter rolls for Hillary!

What if I told you a Democrat Governor just pencil whipped over 200,000 convicted felons into eligibility to vote in a swing state, just in time to support Hillary Clinton this fall? I’d say it sounds like someone’s trying to rig the system!

Guess who gave this Democrat $25,000 for his last run for Governor, in order to defeat a solid conservative? That’s right, Donald Trump!


It’s true: Terry McAuliffe just opened the floodgates for convicted murderers, drug dealers, rapists, and other nasties to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election here in Virginia this fall.

Terry McAuliffe is a long time member of the Clinton universe. He was a big money man for them, and he was co-chairman of Clinton’s campaign in 2008, before running for Governor of Virginia in 2009 (losing the primary), and again in 2013.

In 2013, he won the primary, and in the general election faced a staunch conservative hated by the beltway establishment: Ken Cuccinelli. Cooch managed to get the nomination because the Republican Party of Virginia didn’t hold a primary that year, so he was able to overcome the natural establishment advantage held by Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, he of his own ‘green jobs’ program, who was endorsed by Eric Cantor.

Turns out Donald Trump wasn’t a fan of showing the establishment who’s boss. Instead of backing Cuccinelli, Trump gave $25,000 to Terry McAuliffe, remaining on good terms with the Governor the following year.

The money was valuable, too. McAuliffe only barely beat Cuccinelli 48-45. Had the conservative won and not the Clintonite, it’s unlikely those 200,000 convicted felons would be eligible to vote today in Virginia.

This casts much doubt on Trump’s claim that he converted to the pro-life cause “a number of years ago” when he was still pumping large sums of cash into pro-abort candidacies in 2013.

It’s alright though. Ken Cuccinelli is now Ted Cruz’s delegate operations director, and you know how well that operation is going against Donald Trump.

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