Donald Trump is confirmed down by double digits! Loser!

The human garbage we call Donald Trump’s fans are desperately holding onto national polling results, but the GOP primary race is a state-by-state affair.

And the next voting happens April 5th in Wisconsin. For the embattled Trump, that polling is confirmed to be TERRIBLE.



Despite the egomaniac John Kasich staying in the Presidential race he has no chance to win, Ted Cruz is up by double digits, 42-32. The margin of error is just 3.5, folks. You can’t paper over a 10 point lead.

Worse, Trump getting CRUSHED in the second choice polling. Cruz supporters prefer Kasich 57-23, and Kasich supporters prefer Cruz 47-20. He can’t win! #NeverTrump has a majority of the GOP.

It’s no wonder that Quinnipiac’s new poll today would have Trump losing his home state of New York by 20 points to carpetbagger Hillary Clinton. Even his neighbors hate his guts!

Vote Ted Cruz. Save America.


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