Air Delivery by Drone: It's Not Theoretical Anymore

A company called Flirtey has been developing drone delivery services in Australia, but is expanding to the United States. They’ve now successfully tested autonomous drone delivery in Nevada. Following a pre-prepared flight plan, the drone delivered emergency supplies to its destination.


This kind of innovation could save lives. We must make sure Washington doesn’t strangle this technology in the crib.

Drone. Photo by RL GNZLZ  on Flickr.
Drone. Photo by RL GNZLZ on Flickr.

The Congress and the FAA have been having a gigantic freak out about drones. Dianne Feinstein, who’s long been a proponent of a government with virtually unlimited police powers, suddenly has privacy concerns when one is directed at watching her.

FAA is expanding its reach, equating the use of a small drone to other commercial aircraft, and claiming nationwide authority over every drone in America. The Obama FAA is literally claiming they regulate every drone that flies even one inch off the ground!

I’m all for private property, such as the man who shot a drone spying on his daughter, but federally regulated airspace is incompatible with that. It’s time we got the feds out of micromanaging innovation.


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