We all knew this candidate was taking cues from the Nixon administration

Republicans have pretty thoroughly repudiated Richard Nixon by this point. We’re less friendly with China, we’re less friendly to creating new agencies like EPA, and we sure aren’t breaking into Democrat offices. Importantly, starting with Ronald Reagan, and continuing with George W. Bush, we recognized that when we face ideological actors, sometimes Realpolitik doesn’t have all the answers.


So it turns out the Democrats are adopting the Nixon legacy. Specifically, Hillary Clinton is.

Henry Kissinger Leonid Brezhnev

I doubt it’ll make much difference in the race, but Bernie Sanders attacked Clinton for looking to Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon’s chief foreign policy advisor, for advice. Says CNN:

“I am proud to say that Henry Kissinger is not my friend. Count me in as somebody who will not be listening to Henry Kissinger,” Sanders said.

Clinton quickly turned the exchange to her advantage, replying with one of her most well-timed jabs of the night, highlighting the idea that Sanders has been reluctant to reveal who is advising him amid claims he has a threadbare national security policy.

“Well, I know journalists have asked, ‘Who you do listen to on foreign policy? And we have yet to know who that is,'” she said.

Clinton went on to say that she sought expertise as secretary of state from a raft of foreign policy experts, including Kissinger.

No word on whether she favors using the IRS against her enemies list, as Nixon also did.


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