Liz Mair exposes Ann Coulter as a one-issue fraud

Four years ago, Ann Coulter was part of the gang that was seeing to foist Mitt Romney upon us. Why? He was making noises about being tough on immigration, and so Coulter declared Romney could do no wrong.


This time it’s the Donald Trump personality cult she’s joined, and Make America Awesome‘s Liz Mair has exposed her as a fraud. I’m giving you the video because it was MSNBC and nobody watches MSNBC.

Liz Mair and the Detestable Harpy

Note that four years ago the question came up about whether the Romneys were eligible for the Presidency, given that George Romney was born in a Mormon colony in Mexico. Since Coulter was firmly in the Romney personality cult then, she was convinced that citizenship could be passed by blood or soil (as is the actual law).

Fast forward to today, and suddenly she’s buying into the idiotic Donald Trump attacks on Ted Cruz, because now she’s firmly in the Trump personality cult. Mair’s conclusion about the detestable harpy is the right one: “That is the proof right there that you are in no way conservative and no way interested in conservative policy.”



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