Donald Trump can't even do Christmas cards right. What a dope!

I’m technically a donor to the Donald Trump campaign. I bought a hat as a historical curiosity. So, apparently that meant the Trump campaign (which is under serious pressure from Ted Cruz by the way) wanted to send me a Christmas card. The problem is, it didn’t even come in time for the start of Christmas! Failure!


That’s right, my Trump card (better than a trap card) came today, December 28. Here’s the envelope, featuring Donald Trump’s 5th Avenue (liberal) return address:

Trump Card 1

Here’s the front of the card, showing Trump wearing a read “Make America Great Again” hat to cover his fake hair, giving a thumbs-up sign to the camera:

Trump Card 2

And for the whiners who may say “Waah it’s not a Christmas card,” here’s the interior of the card, which specifically says “Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. We are, together, going to Make America Great Again! I Love You All, Donald J. Trump.”

Trump Card 3

The mighty Donald Trump campaign can’t even get its Christmas cards out in a timely manner! What a jerk! How’s he going to conduct diplomacy? Send a Bastille Day greeting in August?

One can imagine this as a last second decision. “Mr. Trump, we’re slipping with the evangelicals.” “Ah, send ’em a Christmas Card! Brilliant! See I’m very smart. Now tell me about the rabbits again.”


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