Global cooling predicted, again

Photo by Isengardt on Flickr

The June 24, 1974 Time Magazine cover asked if we were heading into another Ice Age. Global cooling theory was popular, but of course became politically unpopular starting in the 1990s, right after the political billy club that was the Ozone Layer was solved by the Montreal Protocol in 1989.


Serious climate watchers though have been explaining for years that the Earth’s climate depends on solar input. The evidence is getting too loud to ignore, and publications are once again breaking through the wall of politics to highlight the dangers of cooling.

Photo by Isengardt on Flickr
Photo by Isengardt on Flickr

Says the Sunday Express:

However, at the National Astronomy Meeting in Wales, Northumbria University professor Valentina Zharkova said fluctuations an 11-year cycle of solar activity the sun goes through would be responsible for a freeze, the like of which has not been experienced since the 1600s.

From 1645 to 1715 global temperatures dropped due to low solar activity so much that the planet experienced a 70-year ice age known as Maunder Minimum which saw the River Thames in London completely frozen.

Readers of Redstate and other sites not worshipping the idol of Man-made Global Warming have been pointing to the Maunder Minimum and the Mini Ice Age for a long time. We’ve also pointed to the current decade-long ‘pause’ in warming, as it’s corresponded with the seeming-end of a sunspot hot period.


The Sun is settling down. Temperatures are likely to go down. That’s bad news for agriculture. However I’m confident we’ll continue to develop the technology we need to get through this.

But we need to be aware of the real science, and that means doing science free of radical ideology. Eventually the evidence will be so strong that the established ideology will have to give way, just as it did when the disfavored Continental Drift theory went from outcast to consensus.


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