This anti-immigration group is recycling old anti-Catholic rhetoric

Back in the 1850s, America dealt with the fad of the the Know Nothing movement and its political wing, the American party. The group claimed to represent the interests of native Americans against the dangers of unrestrained immigration.

However that one issue couldn’t really get support, so it instead went anti-Catholic, and sought to appeal to large numbers of Protestant immigrants who just wanted to slam the door behind themselves to keep the Irish out. So it shouldn’t really surprise us that NumbersUSA is following in their anti-immigration footsteps and stealthily recycling old anti-Catholic rhetoric.


The Know Nothings had nothing to glue them together but hating the Irish and other Catholics coming into the country. But sealing the border and keeping all the foreigners out has never been a winning issue. The party had two choices if it wanted to grow and to win. It could take a clear stand on the leading moral issue of the day – slavery – or it could whip up anti-Catholic sentiment. The KNs chose the latter.

Today we have another group that claims to be a single-issue group for the interests of Americans against unrestrained immigration. That group is NumbersUSA. Its real agenda is founder Roy Beck’s green left population control agenda, spreading tiresome extremist hysteria about environmental impact and “sprawl” (which is also the target of Agenda 21).

None of that’ll never sell, for obvious reasons, and Americans are too high on immigrants* to seal the border, so they’re having to find other ways of gathering support. NumbersUSA needs a new target, and like the Know nothings, they’re coming for the Catholics.

Oh sure, on the NumbersUSA website they couch it in careful terms like the “Religious Lobby,” the “Religious Globalists,” and referring vaguely to “high-profile religious leaders.” But that’s only because Roy Beck has dealt with this before. When the Population Control freaks tried to attack the Catholics for daring to be pro-life, they were shockingly labeled anti-Catholic.

In the same white paper, Beck goes on to prove it, too. Right after whining about how unfair it was to be labeled anti-Catholic, he spins a vast Catholic conspiracy theory. He claims that the only reason the US didn’t ever fully implement the pro-Population Control NSSM 200 was “because of meetings between Vatican officials and U.S. government officials of Roman Catholic background as well as a systematic campaign of pressure by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.”

Got that? Beck believes the anti-abortion movement is a vast Catholic conspiracy, and now he wants you to believe that opposition to sealing the borders and ending all immigration (both legal and illegal) is also a vast Catholic**, er, “religious globalist” conspiracy.

Both the pro-abort NSSM 200 support then, and the “Religious Globalist” rhetoric now, are all there in the own words of Roy Beck and his organization, posted on their own website. I’m not making this up. I’m pointing you to his own words, that his allegedly ‘single issue’ organization is promoting today.

Unlike [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ]-style “enforce the law” conservatives who simply want to contain illegal immigration, NumbersUSA is part of the “immigration restrictionist” movement that doesn’t distinguish between legal and illegal aliens. And that movement is full of this stuff. The whole movement is toxic and it’s time we stopped letting them pretend they are the allies of conservatives.

* Seriously, ever seen Americans react to an immigrant trying to speak English? We eat that stuff up. Someone will invariably say “Your English is better than some native speakers.”

** Gee, and guess what the number one religion in Latin America is. If you can’t, then you may be surprised to find out that 71% of the residents of Latin American countries consider themselves Roman Catholic.

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