Virginia voters reject the gun grabbers as GOP retains Senate

Mike Bloomberg and his anti-civil rights group Everytown wanted Virginia. The front page of his website still promotes his desire to win the Virginia Senate from the Republicans, which would split control of the General Assembly and hand the advantage to Governor Terry McAuliffe in his twin quests for gun control and Obamacare expansion.


Democrats in theory had a shot to take the Senate away, too, as Republicans went in with a 21-19 advantage. Winning just one Republican-held seat would give Democrats an advantage in Richmond. They failed.

Virginia Senate

In the 10th District, covering part of the Richmond area, Republican Glen Sturtevant won 50-47 over Democrat Dan Gecker. Everytown was all-in for Gecker, and they dragged around the parents of a murder victim as props to support that effort.

But they failed. Our civil liberties enshrined in the Bill of Rights prevailed, hindering the efforts of Bloomberg, McAuliffe, and the Democrats to attack our right to keep and bear arms.

Congratulations Glen Sturtevant. Make sure to fight for liberty and small government while in the Senate.

Photo by Waldo Jaquith on Flickr


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