A selection of green left policy ideas from NumbersUSA's Roy Beck

The websites founded by the late Andrew Breitbart (who used to go on Univision and support “immigration reform”) have been giving voice to Roy Beck of NumbersUSA. I write today to remind you that this is a desperate move, one that shows how difficult it is to find actual conservative voices to support their agenda.


Roy Beck is no conservative, and he’s no ally of conservatives. Here’s the proof.


Jack Miles, writer for most of the big left-wing newspapers, said of Roy Beck that “Gently and in a distinctly democratic and liberal tone of voice, Roy Beck makes the case for returning immigration to traditional levels.” That’s not surprising though, since he’s always been of the left. Let’s look at his record:

As late as 1998, Roy Beck was concerned with the problem of “population stabilization”. Why does that matter? It shows that his mindset has not changed from the group’s roots as a spinoff of Zero Population Growth advocate John Tanton’s US Inc. Tanton is a former Planned Parenthood abortionist turned green anti-immigration activist.

Beck shows great frustration that his left-wing brethren had flipped on the issue:

Historians need to explain how an environmental issue as fundamental as U.S. population growth could have moved from center-stage within the American environmental movement to virtual obscurity in just twenty years. For the American environment itself, the ever-growing demographic pressures ignored by the environmental establishment showed no signs of abating on their own as the nation prepared to enter the twenty-first century.

And it’s true, while the rest of the green left has flipped on immigration, Beck has remained a green leftist who opposes immigration:


I discovered that nearly every measure Congress was taking to improve the American quality of life was being undermined by congressional immigration policy. This was no more evident than the week in 1990 when Congress passed major new regulations to decrease Americans’ per capita air pollution. During that same week, Congress drastically undercut the benefits of the Clean Air Act by increasing immigration numbers so that in the next few decades there would be tens of millions more people in the country contributing to air pollution.

He wanted to celebrate higher regulation, except that he didn’t get greater immigration restrictions as well. Does this sound like a conservative?

I and the whole staff of NumbersUSA.com invite you to join the large number of your fellow Americans who already are in this action network to reach for these honorable goals of economic justice, community quality of life and environmental sustainability.

Do you want “economic justice?” I don’t. I want equality of opportunity. Do you want “environmental sustainability?” I don’t want government making that decision. We’ve seen from Barack Obama’s EPA that that means. But then again Obama’s EPA loves abusing the Clean Air Act that Beck wanted, so Beck is against conservatives on this, yet Breitbart trusts him to become his mouthpiece.


How about vast Catholic conspiracies. Do conservatives believe in those? Beck does.

Historians will want to study the literature that through the years since has made the case that NSSM 200 was never implemented because of meetings between Vatican officials and U.S. government officials of Roman Catholic background as well as a systematic campaign of pressure by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. “American policy [toward support of international family planning programs] was changed as a result of the Vatican’s not agreeing with our policy,” President Reagan’s ambassador to the Vatican told Time magazine. How much pressure was actually exerted is an important question to resolve.

How about a far green left agenda? Do conservatives back that? Roy Beck does (emphasis added):

No. 3: Can we solve our environmental problems through population stabilization alone?


All those problems are occurring at our present population level. If we never grew by another person, they still would occur.

Any plan to protect, preserve and restore our nation’s environmental resources must include reduction of per capita impact on the environment.

No. 4: Can we rescue our nation’s natural resources by focusing entirely on reducing per capita impact?

Not likely.

Per capita environmental impact can be lowered further by:

  • Voluntary reductions in personal consumption, especially in the use of energy and automobiles, and choices to live in higher urban densities.
  • Voluntary recycling and other waste-reduction efforts.
  • The development of new technologies that make our lifestyles less harmful to the environment.
  • Laws that force greater cuts in consumption and waste, and that halt residential and commercial development in natural habitats and agricultural land. It is here that preserving the environment comes in conflict with preserving individual liberties.
  • Tougher enforcement of environmental laws.

Oh and he also hates babies (bolding in the original):

No. 6: Do we restrain population growth by reducing fertility or immigration?


How about cap and trade? NumbersUSA’s team of experts supported that too. Though, in trying to sucker conservatives, they had to remove it from their website in order to hide their ties to it. And it’s true: they bragged about their advisors for years, right up until Cap and Trade came up, then the page had to go.

Or Earth Day? Roy Beck brag about how Earth Day Founder Gaylord Nelson supported his agenda. Which isn’t surprising since Nelson, a left-wing Democrat when he was in office, was a doctrinaire leftist on social issues to further his population control agenda. Nelson was also on Beck’s board at NumbersUSA.

And finally let’s look at who Roy Beck’s mentor and former employer was. Roy Beck, prior to founding NumbersUSA, worked for John Tanton, the former Planned Parenthood abortionist who founded FAIR. Tanton is a fascist, a left-wing socialist, white supremacist, social engineer just like the Nazis. He believes that “European-Americans” must have power in America for the nation to prosper. Beck chose to work with him, and for him, even editing Tanton’s The Social Contract to further Tanton’s agenda. Their common agenda.

Would a conservative work for a fascist, racist, abortionist’s non-profit? By choice, leaving a career in journalism to do it?


The answer is no. Beck is no conservative. He’s spent a career working with environmentalists and fascists. He now works to fool conservatives. The left has abandoned him. He’s written at length about it. Suckering the right into backing him is the only option he’s got left.


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