Ann Coulter goes full Know Nothing

Most Americans have a warm view of immigration. It makes us feel good when people will put down their lives to come to our country, choosing to throw their lots in with ours. However there’s long been a strain of anti-immigration sentiment in this country. It flares up now and then, such as when the Know Nothing movement put up the American Party before the Civil War, and now when the new Know Nothings are doing their best to claim the Donald Trump’s popularity for their cause.


Ann Coulter today decided to let the mask slip and go full Know Nothing, evoking an ugly period in American history, and putting her more in league with today’s Democrats, than today’s Republicans.

It used to be that America was a pretty hostile place to minority Christian sects. Catholics and Mormons would face hostility up to and including violent mobs against them. Ann Coulter wants to take us back to that time, reminding me of that brief period when the pro-slavery movement in the south joined with the anti-Irish and anti-Catholic movements in the north, to create the American Party.

Ann Coulter's anti-Catholic tweet

Ann Coulter's pro-abortion tweet

Ann Coulter's 'f---ing Jews' tweet

A fresh anti-Catholic tweet by Ann Coulter

(The last tweet above is hilarious when you consider that the USA exists the indians had open borders and lax immigration policy)

Ann Coulter, who’s thrown her lot in with Donald Trump even at the expense of unborn American kids, clearly has one driving force in life. And it’s not one that’s in the mainstream of American or conservative thought.

Some might point out it’s not perfectly clear whether she supports the burning down of Catholic churches the way the old time folks did that she’s talking about. But I’m not inclined to be generous at this point.


When I see someone adopting anti-Catholic rhetoric while making light of abortion, I’m content to lump her in with all the others who have a problem with Catholics and don’t give a rip about the unborn, who today mostly reside on the left.

So the next time the FAIR / NumbersUSA crowd tells you they just want the rule of law, and that they’re as conservative as you or I, think again.

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr


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