Denver Airport discriminates against those with Christian views

Remember when they said homosexual “marriage” was only about “equality” and nobody would ever have their rights taken away? Or that if only we’d concede on homosexual “marriage” that we could then move on to “more important issues?”


Well it turns out none of that was true, as anti-Christian discrimination is alive and well, as Chick fil A is getting blackballed at Denver International Airport.


Yup, the Denver City Council is putting Chick fil A “on the back burner” for the sole reason that its owners have religious views that they disapprove of. Time and again the radicals prove that nothing they say is true. They don’t want “equality,” they want a totalitarian state that will enforce acceptance of habitual sodomy, with any disapproval made into crimethink.

This is the next step, folks. Christians will now be targeted. Freedom of religion is at risk in this country.


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