Tech at Night: The FCC really is that terrible

It’s not surprising that the Obama FCC, after making a massive power grab with the pretext of solving a problem that doesn’t actually exist, that now the FCC is moving on to an entirely new scam. Ajit “The Man” Pai says they’re engaged in a ‘regulatory bait and switch’ with respect to AT&T.


All because people who paid for unlimited HSPA didn’t get unlimited LTE. Well, that’s the pretext.

So the Guardian thinks Google shipped some spyware under the guise of Okay Google. If true, that’s almost as bad as the infamous Sony rootkit.

Congressional oversight continues trying to keep Obama from handing the Internet to Russia. Just imagine how much worse anti-American bias will get if we give up on it.

Heritage is dismantling Chaffetz’s Internet Sales Tax bill. I guess while Chaffetz is doing leadership’s dirty work on fighting conservatives, he’s setting himself up to have a free hand for bad bills.

Thanks Obama, for making patents more lawyer friendly at the expense of small business. And I have no reason to believe the next round of comprehensive patent reform wouldn’t make it even worse.


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