Tech at Night: It's time we restored rule of law to regulators like FTC

Previously at RedState we discussed how FTC is as out of control as FCC and we need a new breed of regulator to fix it.

Well now it turns out FTC has the same transparency issues FCC has. FTC took secret testimony against Sysco in the US Foods situation. A Federal judge is now having to order them to release information.


Unusual, except in the Obama era.

Wow. The Snowden era is truly dead. CISA passed Senate committee 14-1, indicating broad bipartisan support. It sounds like a good bill and I think it’s likely it’s something that would be good to pass. This is civil defense against foreign threats in the 21st century.

Meanwhile, House Republicans are looking to preempt Democrats on their blame-the-victim mentality on cybersecurity, and Democrats naturally dislike the bill. They want to empower government.

Tired of Iowa yet? Too bad. Chuck Grassley wants the Senate to pass patent reform. Let’s hope it’s not a comprehensive monster bill.

So let’s talk FCC. Broadcasters want out from some transparency regulations, even as FCC is talking about expanding it. Kind of weird FCC is mandating transparency of others when it’s having its own gross transparency issues. What I don’t get is the idea that they should have to keep these records, but not post them online, though.


Transparency issues like FOIA evasion and secret meetings with the White House. Most transparent administration ever, remember.

And let’s look at what they passed with all this secrecy. regulation that is causing Atlas to shrug thanks to Randian price controls and government insertion of itself into innovation.

Remember back in 2008 when Moe Lane and I were laughing at the idea that digital libertarians had a friend in Obama? Told you so.

I think FCC reform is great, but we should start the bidding at repeal, first.


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