Tech at Night: NAB calls TV station owners 'first responders'

How out of touch and self-entitled are terrestrial broadcasters in America? You know, the group that holds effectively the broadcast equivalent of taxi medallions, and for that they get to rake in the benefits? Gordon Smith, former Senator and now National Association of Broadcasters head, compared his industry’s members with first responders.

Yeah because being your local network affiliate, and running shock/troll news at 11, or playing records all day interspersed with AP news feed readings, is just like running into a building on 9/11, buddy.

So when these clowns defend their special copyright carve-out, where they and only they get to dodge royalties on pre-1972 music recordings… don’t buy it for a second. Oppose the LRFA, the Local Radio Freedom (from copyright) Act.

Want to see your typical Net Neutrality supporter? Look at Tumblr CEO David Karp. No really, there’s just no there, there. Just blind obedience.

Speaking of blind obedience, that’s what all Dems are going on the subject, right up to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler who is in such a rush to rubber stamp the President he’s ducking the Congress. But, [mc_name name=’Sen. John Thune (R-SD)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’T000250′ ] won’t give up even if Mitch McConnell probably will.

Get ready for new federal Internet taxes, right along with new fees the ISPs will blame on FCC, just like the airlines blame things on FAA.

Guess what? Net Neut may then be used to regulate content.

Net Neutrality, it’s really just Obamanet.

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