Tech at Night: Just how bad is Net Neutrality?

They tell us that regulating things like a utility is good, when it comes to Net Neturality, but New Zealand is clear evidence to the contrary.

It’s no wonder a national consensus is forming against Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet. Polls are against it and even Google is realizing how wrong it is.


The internet simply doesn’t work like 1930s utilities and shouldn’t be put under 1930s regulations.

You can tell that there’s some strong, well-funded resistance to patent reform when big names are writing about it. This is why I hate, hate, hate ‘comprehensive reform‘ bills. It’s too messy. A relatively narrow thing like patent troll reform we can find a sensible thing on, but imagine if were doing ‘comprehensive patent reform.’ That would be a horrible mess of winners and losers.

The fundamental problem with Bitcoin remains that it’s resistant to government, and therefore you have no property rights, as thieves are taking advantage of.


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