FCC Democrat Mignon Clyburn asks for Net Neutrality delay

As FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai has pointed out, the FCC’s been remarkably deficient in transparency as it’s rushed to implement the President’s extreme plan to regulate the Internet according to 1930s-era phone regulations.


It’s now coming out that the 300 page plan is so extreme that even Mignon Clyburn, long time pro-title II FCC Commissioner is asking for a delay in order to make less of a power grab.

I pointed out in last night’s Tech at Night, a regular RedState feature I encourage you to read, that even Google was finding serious problems with Obama’s plan. And now Clyburn has listened to Google’s objection, and is acting on it.

We will now see if Chairman Tom Wheeler listens to his own party’s commissioners, or if he’s entirely Barack Obama’s lapdog at this point.

In the meantime, the Republicans in the Congress should tie FCC funding to abandoning the Title II Reclassification scheme pushed so aggressively by the President.


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