Ajit Pai and Joshua Wright: Models for the new reformist Regulator

I think many of us knew that Barack Obama would go further than previous Presidents in his extremism, when it came to regulator. However I never expected he’d go so far, he’d create a tremendous backlash from normally quiet, ‘technocratic’ regulators.


I put technocratic in quotes because while left-wing Democrat regulators have long been activist ideologues, the Republicans tended to be more modest. Not anymore. Guys like Ajit Pai at FCC and Joshua Wright at FTC are taking a stand for right and wrong, and bringing needed sunshine to runaway regulators.

At FCC, Ajit Pai humiliated the Obama administration by exposing how it’s gone far from the promises of transparency the President once made. The President’s Internet regulation plan numbers in the hundreds of pages, and is kept secret from the American people until after the FCC votes on it, defying the people who spoke during FCC’s comment period, as well as when they spoke and elected a Republican Congress.

He’s not alone, either. At FTC, Joshua Wright has taken a stands. In a pair of Tweets, he’s come out plainly to say that FTC is acting against the Sysco / US Foods deal with no violation of the Clayton Act in question.


I think that apart from a few egregious examples like EPA and NLRB, even conservative have tended to think positive thoughts about bland, technocratic regulators. But the truth is, they’re all overreaching under Barack Obama. They’re all doing it. They’re all expanding government, defying the law, picking winners and losers, and doing everything else Democrats have been doing all along.

So it’s about time we had some regulators willing to blow the whistle. Cheers to Ajit Pai and Joshua Wright. I hope more like them are on the way. We need regulators like them to shine a light on abuses and overreach. They are the new model going forward.


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